What does the Rent Stabilization Association Do?

The Rent Stabilization Association, or RSA, is a real estate group which membership is composed of property owners in New York City. Known to be the largest real estate trade alliance in the United States, RSA offers a wide array of benefits and real estate services to its members who operate businesses in the rental housing market.

Roles of the RSA

The Rent Stabilization Association plays a number of important functions to its rental property owner members. RSA does the following:

  • Acts as the lobbyist before the state and the city government legislative bodies when it comes to the support or opposition of bills related to rental business
  • Serves as representative in behalf of its members before the city and state's regulatory committees administering the building guidelines, rent regulations, water rates, billing and conservation issues
  • Monitors any court issues that concern the rental property industry and makes the necessary legal moves when needed
  • Disseminates press releases on matters involving the rental building market to inform the members and the public
  • Provides various services to its members like counseling on rent laws or other rent related problems, low-cost insurance programs, rent registration, legal assistance, quick processing of fire safety plan, and distribution of a monthly publication.
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