Unrewarding Home Improvements to Avoid

Many home improvements end up costing more than they are worth when it comes time to sell the home. Unnecessary upgrades can cause your home to "out price" the neighborhood, meaning you will receive no return for the investment. Although you may think that the improvement is a valuable addition to a home, be wary about certain projects.

Spa or Pool Installations

The number one money trap for many home owners is installation of a pool or spa. Very few residents are actually willing to pay the cost to own and maintain a pool in their home. When these potential buyers come to look at your property, they may be turned off by the fact you have a pool. There are a few markets where pools are expected, however. Warm climates like Florida or Nevada nearly require a pool in every home. 

Special Purpose Rooms

Adding a bedroom or bathroom to your home will generally add value. Adding a recreation room, sun room or movie room, on the other hand, will not often pay off. There are some neighborhoods and markets where these types of rooms are expected. These tend to be very pricey neighborhoods. Most buyers would prefer to simply have a bigger kitchen than to have a sun room.

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