The Basics of a Warranty Deed

A warranty deed is a type of deed that conveys full ownership of a piece of property to another individual. This type of deed guarantees that the property is free from any types of encumbrances or liens. This is one of the most comprehensive types of deeds that can be issued on a piece of property. 

Warranty Deed

With the warranty deed, the owner of the property ensures not only the interest in the property while he has owned it. Instead, he also offers assurances that there are no encumbrances on the property all the way back to the original owner. This provides extra piece of mind if you are the buyer of a property with a warranty deed.

Legal Action

With this type of deed, if the buyer of a property later finds out that there are outstanding liens against the property, the buyer can sue the seller of the property. When a warranty deed is issued, the seller of the property is responsible for this guarantee. He might have to pay the buyer a certain amount of money to remedy the problem. Many times, title insurance is purchased from a title company to handle this issue. 

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