Should You Use a Rental Application Template?

As a landlord, using a rental application template will help you prioritize your goals for a new tenant. The template will give you insight into common considerations for locating a tenant and you can adjust the template from there according to your unique situation.

Templates Offer Financial Guidelines

The main concern with most tenants is their ability to pay. Many landlords, especially inexperienced landlords, will be uncomfortable addressing this question directly. A rental application template will ask for information on employment and credit history so you do not have to ask. This is easier for you and potential renter alike. You can always add in unique questions you may have while the standard application takes care of these necessary items.

Templates Follow Legal Requirements

Many landlords forget there are very distinct laws governing renting a residence. These include renter's rights, landlord's rights, and also unique legislation that protects both parties from discrimination and safety hazards. Few landlords are intimately familiar with all of these laws. A standard template, though, typically addresses these requirements without too much thought on the behalf of the landlord. The template will advise the renter of his or her rights through the application process. 

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