Saving Money with Kitchen Remodeling

Saving money while remodeling your kitchen is ideal for most homeowners. There are many ways to do this in order to avoid getting into debt. When you remodel think about establishing a  budget. Think about what you will need to take into consideration, cost effective changes and what tasks you can accomplish yourself.


Understanding and structuring your budget is essential when planning to remodel your kitchen as costs can get out of control. The average kitchen remodel can cost upwards of $40,000 to $50,000 dollars when you figure in materials and labor. If you are planning to sell your house at any point, the real estate market reports an 80 to 85 % resale. Imagine if your kitchen remodel costs 15,000 dollars what the return on your investment would be.


There are certain considerations to take into account, costing more money initially but saving you a great deal in the long run. One consideration is moving the location of your refrigerator if it is near a window. In this case, the sun from a window will heat up your refrigerator causing it to work harder to stay cool. If you are looking to buy new appliances, it is recommended you purchase ENERGY STAR appliances, electronics, as well as energy saving light fixtures. If you are looking into buying a new stove, take into consideration gas stoves tend to be more energy efficient as they light faster and cool down quicker than their electric counterpart, resulting in monthly savings.

Cost Effective Changes

There are several cost effective changes you can make during your kitchen remodel. For one, if you have wood cabinets that are in good shape, why not sand them down and repaint them. This can allow you to save money while having them look like new. Another cost effective change is to use cork flooring, which is highly eco-friendly.

You may also want to consider looking into a solar tube sky light to allow more light into your kitchen while lowering your electric bills. Testimonials from many individuals state spending the money on this is well worth it with a high return on investment. You can also look to utilize the natural light coming through your kitchen windows in order to purchase the appropriate window treatments so this light is not inhibited in any way.

Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Many remodeling ideas that you have you may be able to accomplish on your own. There are a great deal of books available at Home Depot or Lowe's with instructions on how to install different floors, fixtures and cabinets. Most homeowners are able to install new cabinets on their own, depending on the dimensions of their kitchen and how much help they have available. 

Countertops are another area in which you would be able to do yourself. Types of counter tops you can install consist of tile, laminate and butcher block styles. When looking at installing new flooring in your kitchen, most homeowners would be able to install vinyl, certain types of wood floors and tile. Lastly, painting is one of the most common do it yourself tasks. With all of these tasks you can take on, your costs will be cut immensely with a kitchen looking like new.

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