Resources to Invest in Real Estate with No Money

If you want to invest in real estate no money can be a big problem. The old expression "It takes money to make money" seems to be true for the most part in real estate. It seems like everyone wants some kind of a down payment in order to make the deals work. However, there are some ways that you can get involved in real estate with no money down. Here are a few resources to consider if you want to get started without any money out of pocket.

Seller Financing

Sometimes you will run across sellers that are willing to sell their property through seller financing. You will have to start making a monthly payment, but you could be able to negotiate the down payment out of the contract. Seller financing can be a great way to secure a property over time without having to come up with a lot of out-of-pocket cash at the beginning.

Private Investors

When you get involved with real estate, you could potentially bring in private investors as partners. Organizing a group of investors can be a fantastic way to get started without any money. This will require some salesmanship on your part, but it can work if you stick with it. 

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