Renting - Going Over a Tenant's History

As a landlord, looking at a tenant history can provide you with valuable information that can help you make decisions. If you are considering a prospective tenant, knowing their history as a tenant can help you decide if you should extend them an invitation to rent your property. Here are a few things that a landlord will want to look at before they let someone rent their property.

Former Landlord References

One of the most valuable pieces of information for a landlord is the opinion of a previous landlord. A good endorsement from a previous landlord can go a long way towards getting you in at a new property.

Credit File

Another valuable tool for reviewing a tenant's history is their credit file. The credit report will detail how a tenant handles their debt and money. Review their credit score, and see how often they pay their bills. A good credit file usually means you are getting a pretty good tenant. Also, you want to consider the amount of debt that a prospective tenant has, compared to their income.

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