Remodeling Your Bathroom to Add Value to Your Home

Remodeling a bathroom is a fantastic way to add value to your home as a whole. The two most important rooms in the house for creating value are the kitchen and the bathroom. This is where those that may potentially buy your house are looking. Therefore, if you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, there are a few things that you will want to consider. Here are some tips to help you remodel your bathroom and add value.


The flooring that you put in your bathroom can do a lot as far as adding value to your home. Flooring can give your bathroom an elegant look or it can make it look bad. Put some thought into what you want your floor to look like. In a bathroom, you now have several options for the floor. With the emergence of many vinyl products, you can achieve a realistic look without the cost. However, if you want to add value to the house, your best bet is still tile. Using ceramic, porcelain, or another natural stone tile is the best way to go for the bathroom.

Vinyl, laminate, or carpet do not add any value to your house as they are considered floor covering. They are not permanently attached. With tile, you are permanently attaching it to the subfloor and therefore it is considered flooring. You can do the same thing with hardwood, but hardwood in a bathroom is not ideal. With as much water as you will get on the floor, you will usually run into problems. With tile, you can do a pattern or alternate colors. It can create a look for your bath that no other type of floor can.


The toilet is an integral part of the bathroom. If you make everything else look nice and neglect to replace the toilet, you will cancel out your efforts. Go out and buy a nice toilet that looks modern and sleek. This will go a long way towards creating value in your bathroom and in the eyes of potential buyers.


The tub and shower is another very important aspect of the bathroom. There are a number of options that can create value there. Doing a custom tile shower provides a very unique look although it can get pricey. There are a number of bathroom remodeling companies out there that will replace your shower for you and put in a new glass door for you. They can usually do this for people on a strict budget and provide you with value.


The vanity area of the bathroom is one of the most critical. If the vanity has the bathroom sink in it, you will want to make that area look especially nice. Replace the sink fixtures and do not try and go cheap with these. They are relatively inexpensive anyway, so go ahead and get the nice looking fixtures. Replace the countertop with a natural stone and give it a nice, modern look as well.


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