Real Estate Possibilities: Converting Your House into Self Storage

House self storage is probably not something that you have ever considered. However, many people are starting to convert their homes into self storage businesses successfully. If you have been looking for something to do with a house, converting it into self storage could be something to look into. Here are a few tips for converting your house into self storage. 

Determine Cost

Converting your house into self storage will require some investment on your part. You will have to put in the proper equipment to make it usable as a self storage. There are a number of ways that you can convert your house. However, you will have to build some individual storage units for people to put their things in. 

Determine Market Rent

Once you have the facility ready to go, you need to find the market rent for your area. Call around to some self storage places and get a quote on a similar unit. This will give you an idea of what you should be charging. 

Promote the Business

You will then need to treat it like any other business and get the word out. Many times, people near the house will want to take advantage of storage so close to home. 

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