Painting Your Way to a Higher Home Value

Paint can provide a very high increase in home value compared to the cost of repainting. Not all paint jobs add value, though, so it is important to proceed with caution and consider the value you are adding before making a change.

Exterior Paint

Exterior paint jobs can serve a few key purposes: to make a house look newly finished, to increase a home's curb appeal or to make a home stand out on a block. Before selling your home, consider investing in a paint job that will do all three of these things. Pick a fresh, modern color that is still in keeping with the home's architectural style. Use trim and other elements to set the home apart from others that may be for sale in the area.

Interior Paint

Interior paint should be relatively neutral in order to increase a home's value. Within the neutral color palette, though, there are a variety of shades and tones to use. Painting small areas a light shade can make them appear larger. Painting accent walls in large spaces helps delineate different areas of a room, creating a feeling of purpose in a large area. Making this type of change before selling will help a potential buyer envision the function of your home.

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