Legal Tactics to Recover Non Payment Rent

The non payment of rent is one of the greatest headaches of a landlord. In this a situation a tenant fails to pay rent and the landlord has the right to seek legal services to recover it.

How to Recover Rent

The law obligates the tenant to pay rent according to the terms of the rental or lease agreement. Failure to pay the debt is illegal. Unfortunately for the landlord, they can only sue the client under this agreement after six months. Legal tactics provide exclusion of this provision to allow the landlord formerly demand unpaid rent.

A demand letter advising the rent defaulter that their rent is due should be sent. The letter should further advise the client to make the payments to the landlord's account at the earliest convenience. The ideal legal tactic to recover non payment rent is a legal notice. Legal notices should be issued immediately after the grace period expires. This notice should carry enough leeway citing the implications that will follow if the rent is not paid on time.

The lawyer should provide sufficient details in the letter to show what the legal expenses would be. Also, the notice should specify the loss of interest on the unpaid rent and any other relevant loss emanating from non paid rent.

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