Is Property on the Moon a Crazy Idea?

Amazingly, you really can buy property on the moon. Some entrepreneurs are selling single acres of lunar real estate for only about fifty dollars. However, even they admit you should take the value of their offer with a grain of salt.

Is Selling Property on the Moon Legal?

Most vendors offering property on the moon point to a 1967 United Nations treaty which ruled that no government could own the moon. However, this UN treaty didn't say anything about whether a private corporation could own the moon. At least one entrepreneur then filed a claim for property rights on the moon, so he could sell portions of it to the public.

However, the legality of such a sale is unclear. Those selling lunar property are not supported by any government, and most of the customers who buy property on the moon do not have the means to develop it - so such "deeds" are currently sold for novelty purposes only, and most likely would not hold up in court.

Is Lunar Property A Good Investment?

Some scientists argue that private development of the moon could increase interest in the space program. So, buying property on the moon from a legitimate lunar development program could be lucrative. But right now, since the only people selling may not have the law on their side, the legal battle could end up losing you money.

Property on the moon isn't a crazy idea - but it's an idea for the future.

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