Investing in Energy Efficient Windows

In the past few years, energy efficient windows have become increasingly popular because windows significantly impact a home’s heating and cooling costs. Efficient windows are the key to lowering your monthly electric bill.

Old Windows Leak Costly Air

Older, poorly constructed windows leak out up to 30% of the cold air produced by your air conditioner during summer months, and can cause frigid outdoor air to seep in during the winter. This unwanted air leakage can cost homeowners over $200 a year on their energy bill.

Efficient Windows Drastically Reduce Your Energy Bill

Energy efficient windows, however, offer better insulation and can reduce energy bills by as much as 25%, saving homeowners hundreds of dollars each year. What’s more, the government offers a generous tax credit for those who purchase energy-efficient windows, doors and skylights. The credit equals 30% of the purchase price of the product, or up to $1,500.

The total cost of energy efficient windows depends on the size of your home; however, you can expect to spend around $500 per window. Studies show that, on average, energy efficient windows can pay for themselves in about six years.

Investing in energy efficient windows can not only lower your electric bill and save you lots of money in the long run, but also increase comfort in your home and help protect the environment.

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