How You Are Scammed in a Timeshare Sale

Timeshare sales are one of the most notoriously unscrupulous practices in the travel industry. Many people have been through a timeshare presentation at some point. You can bet that a good percentage of those people feel like they were scammed or were close to being scammed. If you are going to go to a timeshare presentation, you need to make sure that you are not scammed. Here are a few ways that you can be scammed at a timeshare presentation, and how to avoid it. 


When you go to a timeshare presentation, you can rest assured that they are not going to let you get out the door easily. At some point they are going to ask you three or four times to buy a timeshare. One way that they try to entice you to buy that day is by lowering the price. In most cases, they will drastically lower the price. Therefore, if you decide that you do want to buy into the timeshare resort, you need to wait through a few of the first offers. 

The first salesperson is always going to make an offer that is extremely high. Do not accept the first offer under any circumstances. After you say no, they will ask their manager and come back with a second offer. If you say no, they may bring someone else over to talk to you with an even lower price. They will go on with this charade for a few more times if you will allow it. They will eventually reach the point that represents their bottom dollar. Once you feel that they have gone as low as they possibly can go, then you can consider buying. 

No Follow Through

Some companies are willing to sell you an expensive timeshare package and then not follow through with anything after that. They might sell you a package to a resort that does not exist yet. Then something happens to the project and the resort is never completed. However, they still have your investment in their pocket. 

Some timeshare companies promise that you will be able to trade your timeshare week for a vacation somewhere else. However, when it comes time to do so, you can not trade it. Either no one is available to trade with you or the company does not allow you to make the trade. In order to have a good exchange program, you need a very large, reputable company behind it. Otherwise, you will most likely be disappointed at some point. Make sure that before you sign up for a timeshare the company you are doing business with is reputable.  

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