How Useful are Rental Security Deposit Bags?

Security deposit bags are used in armored cars and banks to protect high valued papers. These bags can resist fire and water, and they are also tamper resistant. In some cases, a rental security deposit bag will be useful, but in others it is not necessary.

Cash Deposit

Most landlords will not accept a cash deposit on a property. If a cash deposit is provided, the deposit bags will be a valuable asset because they are an excellent means of protecting the cash while the tenant is occupying the residence. Some landlords will accept cashier's checks or money orders. These items are not deposited until the tenant submits notice he or she will be moving out. Then, they are only deposited if the money is not going to be refunded. Protecting these items with a proper casing may be wise.

Lack of Safe

Most checks and other items can be stored easily in a safe that is tamper and fire proof. Landlords should have a safe on hand. They can place any collected rental checks or security deposits in the safe until they are deposited to prevent losing the funds or having them stolen. Without a safe, a deposit bag can be a temporary alternative.

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