How to use the Internet to Market Your Home

Marketing a home on the internet is an effective and inexpensive way to reach a wide array of potential buyers. Almost 85 percent of home buyers use the internet in their home search. Several avenues are open to you for home internet marketing to reach these buyers. The following information details five ways to gain exposure by marketing a home on the internet.

Broker Sites

If you elect to list your home with a real estate broker, you will be paying on average 6 percent of the home’s sales price to the brokerage. Be certain to get your money’s worth. Any broker worth dealing with will have a proprietary web site that contains all of their listings. The advantages of a broker site are twofold. First, anyone seeing any signs anywhere, and then going to the site, can see your home. Second, the broker will arrange for professional-quality photographs to be taken of your home and posted on the site.

Aggregation Sites

As opposed to the proprietary sites of brokerages, which show only that firm’s listing, aggregation sites will list homes by owner and also from any brokerage that allows their listing to be accessed. Depending on your location, some local boards of Realtors post the Multiple Listing Service listings for their area. The MLS will only be those homes listed by brokers. There is a fee for house internet marketing with these aggregators.

Your Own Site

You can get your own domain name through any number of internet service providers and post information about and photos from your home. You can support this with a sign in your yard directing people to your site and with listings in local classified ads. The upside of having your own site is this type of house internet marketing costs far less than the 6 percent brokerage fee you will pay for listing with a broker. The downside is you are exposing your home to far fewer buyers, and you do not have the brokerage company’s agents offering to show your home. It is vital to have a professional-appearing site with quality photos if you go this route.

Internet Classifieds

Many online classified listings allow you to take advantage of house internet marketing for free. Simply by conforming to content and design parameters of the site, you can post a listing about your home - including photos - or provide a link to another site about your home. Regardless of the avenue you choose for house internet marketing, take advantage of free internet classified ads to send more people to the site or sites about your home.

Social Networks

Another free avenue for house internet marketing is the increasing number of social networking sites. On a personal page about yourself, you can list that your home is for sale and either include photos or link to sites that have your photos. As with internet classified, use this tool in addition to any other house internet marketing you do.

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