How to Successfully Conduct a Move In Walk Through

Once you purchase or lease a home, you will need to complete a move in walk through. By the end of the walk through you should know whether or not your property is ready for you to move in and what repairs are required. Below, are a few tips to help you complete your walk through:

1. Take a pen and paper with you for the walk through. You will need this to note any issues, defects or concerns you may have. Be sure that you have a list handy of all the major issues in a house. Sometimes, when you get in a house, your focus will be on one thing and you don’t look at other things. For example, a hole in the floor will take up a lot of time and you may neglect to look at the piping. Be sure you check off everything on a list so that you stay on course.

2. Spend quality time in each area. Taking time to find these during the walk through will save your trouble down the road.

3. Check the walls, the trim, the ceiling, the fixtures, the cabinets, the doors and the floors. Travel the perimeter of the house and take a look at all windows and outside entries. Check plumbing and electricity.

4. Walk through the home at least two times.

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