How to Research House Improvement Grants in Your Area

House improvement grants are available in most cities across the country. With some research you can find improvement grants for adding square footage to your home, making necessary safety upgrades, bringing your house up to local building code, and installing handicap accessible features.

Most house improvement grants are offered through the federal government's Department of Housing and Urban Development, also known as HUD. You should start your research at the HUD Home Improvement website,, and link over to the specific website for your state. Once you are at your state specific page, browse the housing assistance websites and look for programs particular to home improvement or home renovation.  Some grants are offered directly through the state government or federal government, while others are offered through non-profit partners like community groups and neighborhood centers.

Another research method to find house improvement grants in your area is to go directly to the non-profit agencies that offer these grants.  For instance, the government funds local energy companies to assist homeowners in "greening" their homes.  This includes grants for installing energy efficient fixtures and using energy efficient building materials in the construction of your home.  You would find them by contacting your local energy and utility providers and asking about energy and conservation block grants.

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