How to Replace Broken Locks on a Foreclosure

Replacing broken locks on a foreclosure is essential to keep that home safe. Just follow the simple steps that follow and your foreclosure will be protected.

Removing the Broken Locks

Before you remove broken locks, you want to confirm that the door frame is sturdy. New locks will be worthless without a strong door frame to support them. Remove all the components of the broken lock by removing all the screws. Pay close attention as you remove each piece of the old lock because this will give you a good idea of how to put the new one in place.

Installing New Locks in Place of Broken Locks

As you prepare to install the new lock, make sure that the plate is flat against the surface of the door frame. As you screw the plate and lock in place you also need to ensure that the deadbolt is lined up with the hole and slides in and out with ease. After you have the complete deadbolt lock secured in place then you will want to test it. Make sure it locks and unlocks as it should. 

You may also want to consider boarding up your windows if you feel that someone has accessed the property. This should deter them from trying to enter the property again. Once squatters know your property is empty, it can be difficult to have them leave so taking preventative measures is very important.



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