How to Make a Low Bid Home Offer

If you are going to place a low home bid, you should come to the table prepared to back up your offer. Buyers who fail to show the reasons for their low bids are likely to see sellers simply sign back the offer at a much higher rate. Instead, be ready for negotiation.

Use Market Comparables

You should have a list of other homes in the market and the prices they sold for. Your realtor will be able to provide you with this information in order to give you a clearer picture of the market you are placing a bid in. A comparable is a home that has recently sold or is still for sale with similar features to the one you are considering.

Provide Options

Instead of just offering a low price, ask for other items as well you would like, but may compromise on. For example, you could ask for floors to be replaced, home owners dues to be covered, or closing costs to be paid by the seller. If your seller is willing to negotiate, you can use these terms as concessions to their side or in exchange for a slightly higher selling price on the home.  

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