How to Increase Storage Space in a Small House

Increasing small house storage is not a challenging task. There are a few simple steps to take to create an overall organized home despite small spaces.

Use Built In Storage

Having a number of built-ins can maximize the storage in any closet or cubby. Many home goods stores will show you how to install prepackaged built-ins yourself. Otherwise, ask a closet consultant to custom build storage for the spaces in your home. Efficiency is more important than space in most closets and cupboards.

Elevate Furniture

Storing items underneath furniture is a commonly used trick to gain more storage space. Today, many beds are available with deep drawers to maximize under-bed storage. The same concept can be applied with couches, coffee tables and chairs. Do not leave space under furniture unused.

Minimize Belongings

Ultimately, the less you have to store the further your storage space will go. Clean out your closets once every three months, eliminating unused clothing and objects. Avoid over purchasing home decor. Too much decorating can make a small space much more cluttered and much less efficient. For example, opt for holiday decorations that transition from fall into winter instead of having holiday-specific decor. This will reduce the amount you need to store each summer and spring.

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