How to Find Qualified Residential Appraisers

Finding well qualified residential appraisers may seem simple, but it is often not as easy as it appears to be. You need to know that the person appraising your property is familiar with the area and can make informed decisions about what differentiates the value of your property from other properties in the area.

Word of Mouth

The best way to find a good appraiser is to talk to a trusted mortgage lender or real estate agent and find out who they recommend. You can also talk to friends and family who have recently purchased or refinanced a home to determine whether or not the appraiser they worked with did a thorough job in evaluating their property.

Don't be afraid to interview the appraiser and ask him or her to explain qualifications and experience to you. The appraiser should have a license issued by the state or county in which he or she works, and you should be able to contact your local clerk's office to make sure the license is in good standing.


Most states maintain a database through their attorney general's office of contractors and other professional service providers where you can verify that no complaints have been filed against the person. It is worth the extra time to make sure that the appraiser you hire will have the skill and experience you need.

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