How to Find Foreclosure Tax Liens

Foreclosures and tax liens are public information, and there are several ways to find foreclosure tax liens in your local area.  

The County Recorder

Anytime a tax lien is filed by a taxing authority such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), state tax boards, or county property tax board, the lien is recorded at the county offices in which the property exists. The same is true with foreclosure notices, and their precursor, the notice of default (NOD). To find a list of these properties visit the recorder's office for your county and ask for a list of defaulted properties or properties for which tax liens have been recorded. You may be required to pay a fee to access the information, or to copy it for your own use outside of the recorder's office.

State Websites

Each state has a website for their tax boards, which are listed by county.  You can often find a list of foreclosure tax lien properties on the tax authority's website.  Be careful though, the information may be outdated.

Foreclosure Lists

Many private investment firms maintain foreclosure lists and tax defaulted property lists.  The lists are made by investors who mine the county recorder's office daily or weekly for new foreclosure tax liens. An internet search yields millions of results for foreclosure lists.  Rather than take your chance with those sites, attend a local county property auction.  While there, ask investors where they get their foreclosure tax lien lists. You will find most investors will share their info, even with the competition.


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