How to Find a Real Estate Agent

You will need to find a quality real estate agent to list your home for sale. The experience, dedication and motivation of your personal agent will be a large factor in determining how quickly your home will sell and for what price. You may know what you're looking for in an agent, but getting started in knowing where to find that person can be the real challenge.

Work with a Trusted Company

One option presented to all home owners is to call up a local real estate company with a good reputation. For example, if you have worked with Coldwell Banker in the past and had a good experience, you may want to locate another agent through the company. Try calling your local offices to ask about realtors they would recommend. When you have a few recommendations, review their resumes. The company may do a great job sending individuals who you feel strongly will provide you with a great service. On the other hand, you may be unimpressed by the resumes. Consider mounting your own search if this turns out to be the case.

Use Word of Mouth

Most individuals find their real estate agents through recommendations. Your friends and family will provide excellent input on who they would recommend if they have sold their home before. One challenge, though, arises if you opt to work directly with a friend in order to list your home. Using your sister, cousin or friend as your agent can present a large conflict of interest. Even if the individual offers you a discount, it may be advantageous to respectfully decline the offer and instead ask for a recommendation to someone who will not have any conflict in listing your home.

Search Local Listings

Local listings can be a fantastic resource to find realtors with experience in your neighborhood. You would not choose a luxury agent to sell a starter home. So, narrow down the field of realtors by using geographic locations to search listing agents. Find agents specializing in your price-range, and be discerning about the quality of listings. If you are personally attracted to an agent based on his or her advertisements, demeanor, and the quality of listings, you have good reason to believe a potential buyer would additionally be attracted for these same reasons.

Attend Open Houses in Your Area

If there is one event that can mark the success of a real estate agent, that event is an open house. Open houses bring in more potential buyers in a short period of time than any other form of advertising. The quality of an open house, though, directly corresponds to whether or not the home will see offers. Check out open houses, taking note not of the home itself but the presentation of the home's assets. Did you find the home well staged, the information available and accessible and the overall feeling comfortable? Was the house buzzing with interested buyers, or was the open house rather quiet? You should continue to frequent open houses throughout your selling cycle to scope out the competition and understand whether your agent is truly the best.

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