How to Factor in Local Schools to Home Value

When determining the value of your potential new home, there are is one important consideration that adds value, local schools. Finding a home in an area with good local schools offers selling advantages. The appraiser may not factor in the value, but a good local school system will make your home a high demand home.

Schools are required to post an annual online report. A good score is an excellent selling point for any buyer with children. Be careful how you approach the local school angle, particularly if you live in a larger school district where boundaries can shift and the assigned school can change. The sale or purchase of a property should not depend entirely on the local schools, but it can certainly be a consideration.


If you are marketing your home because of a particular school, be sure to include the phone number of the school district so that a borrower can call to find out more information. Many flyers list school districts as a selling point. Just be sure to give out as many details as you know so that you do not give out false information.


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