How to Evict your Tenants Quickly

It is sometimes necessary for a landlord to evict tenants quickly. To ensure a smooth and swift eviction it is important to go be familiar with the appropriate legal process.

Lawful Tenant Evictions

First, you must be sure that the eviction complies with local laws. Whether the tenant's rent is overdue or frequent contract disagreements are the concern, it is necessary to have a valid legal reason for an eviction.

Notice to Pay or Quit

The next step is to let the tenant know of your eviction intention by sending them a written notice to quit. Make sure the date of eviction is clear and straightforward. Note that the number of days the tenant must be notified before the actual eviction varies by jurisdiction, so be sure to consult local rental or housing authorities.

In a perfect world, after following the aforementioned process the tenant will be evicted by the date legally chosen and you can both go your separate ways. But if the tenant refuses to comply with your eviction request then you can take legal action against the tenant. Your tenant will then be issued a summons from the courthouse. The case will be held in court and the summons will specify the date and time that both landlord and tenant should appear to present their case regarding the eviction.

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