How to Effectively Swap Your Timeshare

If you own a timeshare and are interested in a timeshare swap, there are a few things to bear in mind to accomplish this effectively. A timeshare in one part of the world can be exchanged for a timeshare in another part of the world, which would allow you the ability to vacation around the world.

  • Decide when your timeshare is available for a swap, and when and where you wish to take your vacation.
  • In order to accomplish your timeshare swap, it is probably easiest to join a timeshare exchange network, and list your timeshare and the dates it is available. They can often list contact details for those open to a swap, so it is worth contacting these people directly.
  • Make sure that the photos of your timeshare are appealing, and list as much detail as possible regarding your property and its surrounding area. Including things about it that appeal to you may help sell the idea to someone else.
  • Advertising it in local newspapers or travel websites is also an effective way of finding someone to trade with you.
  • Make sure to draw up a rental agreement via a lawyer to protect all the participants of the timeshare swap. Making an inventory of everything in your property will also help prevent any possible problems down the line.
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