How to Create a Home Virtual Walk Through

A great tool for helping sell your house is a virtual walk through. A virtual walk through will allow anyone that visits your website to see the house as if they were actually there. They can virtually walk through the entire house and see everything that they need to see. It will present you with a great way to showcase your home, before you even have a visitor. Here are the basics of creating your own virtual walk through effectively. 

Photo and Video

The first thing that you will have to do is take a lot of pictures of the house. You need a digital camera that has a very good picture quality. Take multiple pictures of each room from every angle. The more pictures you take, the better off you will be. Depending on how you plan on making the walk through, you may also be able to shoot some video to put in the walk through as well.

Walk Through Software

Once you have plenty of pictures of the house, you need to get some walk through software to use. A good piece of software will allow you to input all of the pictures and mesh them together to form a high quality virtual walk through.

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