How to Boost Your Rental Apartment Value

When you take the steps necessary to boost your rental apartment value, you'll have the opportunity to charge higher rent. This means more money for you on a monthly basis, and a higher asking price should you decide to sell your rental. Here are two ways to make your property more valuable:

Remodel the Kitchen

Having a nice kitchen is important to tenants. They have to cook and eat there most days, and having a kitchen that's an eyesore won't encourage them to pay you any more rent. In addition to the appeal to tenants, a remodeled kitchen does boost your rental apartment value for sale down the road. Many real estate experts place remodeling the kitchen near the top of their list of improvements that increase the value of real estate properties.

Central Heating and Cooling

The convenience of central heating is attractive to renters, and they prefer it to baseboards or other forms of heating. It's also the preferred method of cooling, instead of window air conditioners and ceiling fans.  The costs associated with installing a central heating system can be expensive, but in the long run you can charge more rent and increase your apartment value.


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