How to be a Good Landlord

It doesn't take much to be a good landlord. As long as you pay attention to and address your tenants needs and concerns in a timely manner, most tenants will consider you good. Good landlords do not hassle the tenants about anything without good reason to do so, and always provide warning or express concern calmly before pursuing more serious action.

Don't be unreasonable with your demands and expectations of your tenants. Always make sure to get signed contracts that show the tenants agree to whatever your expectations are, to ensure they are completely aware of them and know what they must abide by. In making sure they understand the expectations, make sure they understand the consequences and all policies regarding: late payments, pets, excessive noise, and overnight guests.

When a tenant leaves with no delinquency in rent and the premises is clean, without any damage exceeding normal wear and tear, promptly provide their deposit back to them. Request a forwarding address to send the check to as well as any mail that may get crossed during the move request. Provide good tenants with good references when they need them, and avoid trashing the bad ones because no matter what they will still need another place to live.


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