How to Advertise Luxury Vacation Homes for Rent

Owning luxury vacation homes can be very convenient when you are ready to travel. You just show up and the house is always there and ready for you. Owning a luxury vacation home can completely change the way that you travel. Although they are great for your own use, they can also be a fantastic source of income. Instead of just letting the house sit there empty while you are away, renting out the home can help you make the payment or recoup some of the cost. If you are considering renting out your vacation home, there are a few ways that you can do so effectively. Here are a few ways to advertise your luxury vacation home. 

Rental Broker

If your house is located in a popular vacation destination, there is a good chance that there are a few rental brokers around. These people will market local rental properties for their clients and take a small fee when they rent them out. These brokers usually have connections and a good presence in the marketplace. Those that need a rental are more likely to contact a broker than they are an individual. There is a certain amount of professionalism that you get from using a good broker. Many of these companies will even manage the property for you. They will arrange for it to be cleaned, make repairs on the property, and collect the rent payments for you. All you have to do is collect your share of the money and let them know when you want to rent it out. 

Rental Magazines

Many areas will have a local publication that puts out a magazine full of rentals. You may be able to list your rental property in this magazine for a small one-time fee or as a monthly subscription. It will allow you to put a picture of your property in the magazine and a short description. This can be a great way to get information about your house into the local market. You will often see these magazines in public places like restaurants and stores. 


If you are renting out the property yourself, you will almost certainly need to utilize the internet in order to consistently rent it. The internet gives you the ability to reach people from all across the world that may want to travel to your vacation destination. There are a number of ways that you can utilize the internet to get the word out about your vacation property. 

You could post your ad on a site that is designed to promote local vacation property. This would be similar to posting a classified ad in the newspaper. 

Another way to market your house on the internet is to create your own website. With this method, you can get a lot more detailed. You can let customers rent the property online or look at availability. They can see pictures of the house and get a lot more information than they could otherwise. 


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