How Timeshare Exchanges Work

If you are the owner of a timeshare, there is a good chance that you will have to deal with timeshare exchanges at some point. A timeshare exchange is offered by the company that sold it to you in most cases. There are also other places that you can trade your timeshare that you can use. Here are a few things about how timeshare exchanges work.

Trading With Owners

With a timeshare exchange, you are essentially trading the week that you own at your resort for a week that someone else owns at another resort. This can enable you to experience many great vacation destinations in the world. Many timeshare owners get tired of going to the same place every year. With this program, you can get out of your box and travel to other locations.

Exchange Fees

When you enter into a timeshare exchange with someone, you will most likely have to pay some sort of exchange fee. This could be a flat fee with the company that you are dealing with, or it could depend on the destination. Regardless of how it is set up, you will usually have to pay a nominal fee in order to trade your week with someone else. 

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