How Popular Are European Design Homes?

European design offers a more classic look for homes, including stone work, brick work, archways and other classic elements. A number of different design features may qualify as "European," but the main appearance is one of old world charm. European design homes are more popular in some areas than others.

  • Require a lot of land - These homes are reminiscent of "villas" or "manors," meaning they are fairly substantial in size. In Europe, the homes are designed to be set back some distance from the road. A European home on a parcel of land that is too small can be unattractive to most American buyers.
  • Geographically sensitive - Ultimately, the location where you build a European design home will have a lot to do with its resale value. In an area where old world charm is desirable, such as a historic district, the homes can have great appeal. Placing a European design home along the beach or in a neighborhood of very modern homes will attract only sparse buyers. It is best to design homes that work well with their natural surroundings and their social surroundings. For example, homes in very hot areas tend to be one-level. Building a three-story mansion in the Las Vegas desert may be a misstep.
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