How Often is a House Condition Survey Done?

A house condition survey is not completed very often on a typical home. Usually, this is done only when a home is up for sale or being assessed as collateral on a loan. This means there can be large gaps of time between home assessments. During these periods, the home can experience normal wear and tear that calls for repair. Have a house condition survey done if any of these conditions is present:

  • You will be renting out the home. You may be exposed to liabilities if there are any safety hazards in the home, and a house survey will detect these to protect you and your tenant.
  • Your home has sustained water damage. Water damage is not just a surface problem, but it can appear to be superficial to many homeowners. Instead of only replacing carpet or cleaning up the readily apparent damage, make sure the water has not gotten into the deeper layers of your home's structure.
  • You have been through a natural disaster. An event like an earthquake may cause structural damage to your home that you cannot see. Have your home assessed after a major disaster. Your insurance company may even require or pay for the assessment.
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