How Energy Efficient Lighting Can Save You Money

Installing energy efficient lighting can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your electric bill. This does not just mean changing out your light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs, though these lights do last longer. There are many ways to save money through smart lighting decisions.

Use lamps wisely - Lamps generally use less electricity than overhead lights. When you need lighting for a task, such as reading or studying, it makes more sense to use only one light bulb to provide immediate lighting to the area you are working in than to pay to light an entire room.

Install overhead dimmers - When you have overhead lights or a chandelier, use a dimmer to choose the appropriate lighting needed for your tasks. Dimmers can allow you to use much less energy while still filling a room with light, saving you money on your next electric bill.

Unplug lights while away - Do you know your electrical bill can creep up even when you are not using the appliance plugged into the wall? Hundreds of dollars are added to your bill each year by leaving items like lamps, TVs and computers plugged in even when they are not turned on. Try unplugging lamps and lights when you are out of town to save money.

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