How are Management Fees for Timeshare Condos Calculated?

Timeshare condos offer maintenance free living to those who purchase a part of the residence. The maintenance fees are divided by the number of people splitting the property, though not all fees are shared equally. Some residents will carry a bigger portion of the bill according to several factors.

Time Purchased

If one party purchases a greater share of the equity in a timeshare than another, that party will spend more on maintenance fees. This is because timeshares are typically divided by week. It makes sense for a person using the property for 3 weeks to pay more than a person using the property for 2 weeks.

Season Purchased

Timeshare schedules are typically set well in advance. This means a certain owner purchases time at the property during a given season. Some seasons are more expensive than others, and some seasons may have higher maintenance fees. For example, maintaining a condo in Colorado during ski season may cost more than maintaining a condo in North Carolina during the winter.

There are some situations where the fees will be more uniform. For example, if a buyer is purchasing through a large timeshare management company that allows them to travel to various condos, timeshare maintenance fees tend to vary little from season to season.

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