Home Selling: Using Buyer Incentives

In the area of home selling, there are many different tactics that you could use to get your house sold quickly. One of the most common tactics is to offer buyer incentives. Here are the basics of buyer incentives and what they can do for you as a home seller.

Buyer Incentives

Buyer incentives are something that you are going to provide for free to the buyer of your house. Many times, sellers will include incentives as part of the advertisement of a property. This is designed to bring people in the door and get them looking at your house. You could also throw in an incentive once you are already in the negotiation process for the sale of the house.


There are many different things that you could provide as an incentive to potential buyers. For example, you may be able to provide them with a free vacation to the destination of their choice. You might also include something for the house such as a big-screen TV or a billiards table. Sometimes, sellers will also provide gift certificates to home furnishing stores or flooring stores as a way to help the buyer customize the house after they purchase it.

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