Financial Considerations when You Change a City

Changing cities can cost a single individual thousands of dollars within a few months. Many people factor in the cost of movers or gas to drive across the country, but few people truly understand all of the implications that come with a major, out-of-state move.

  • Car titling - If you are taking a vehicle, you should consider the cost to title your car in your new state. If you have recently purchased the car, you may also need to pay a sales tax difference in the new state. Those not moving states do not need to worry about this issue. 
  • Down payment or security deposit - Securing a place to live initially will cost you a sum of cash, either for a home down payment or a security deposit on a new apartment.
  • Moving fees - Whatever you take with you will be charged in the move. If you use movers, expect a large bill for any cross-state trek.
  • Drivers license fees - Getting a drivers license in a new state will cost you up to $100, depending on the state you are moving to.
  • Settling expenses - There are some items you will have to purchase upon arrival to be "settled" in your new home. Restocking a fridge, spice cabinet and cleaning closet is expensive.
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