Can a Plumbing Upgrade Increase My Home Value?

Not all improvements will actually increase your home value. Whether or not your value goes up depends on several factors including your homes current value, the value of comparable homes in your area and the given real estate market. However, on the whole, improvements to the functionality of the home will cause the value to climb.

Functional Improvements

Functional improvements do include plumbing upgrades. For these upgrades to pay off, though, they should be done to market requirements and not personal interests. For example, improving plumbing to meet the city code, insurance requirements for your home or prevent floods are all functional improvements. On the other hand, adding a whirlpool tub in the bathroom may be a personal choice.

Return on Investment

You should focus on return on investment with improvements to your home. Aiming for a 100% return means you will make the money back in full, but not profit, when the home is sold. Some home owners will make changes and improvements despite the expected return on investment for the change. This is fine as along as you know you may not get the money back and simply want to enjoy the change. For example, you may want another shower head in your shower because you will enjoy it for years.

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