A Look at the Tax Deed Sale Process


A tax deed sale is a public auction to sell a property that is tax delinquent. The investor who purchases the tax deed, may have to wait for a period of time to allow the property owner a right of redemption. However, after that period expires, the investor will be given a clear and marketable title to the property.

State Variation

The tax deed sale process varies with every state. Before you invest your money at a tax sale auction, it would be wise to get the facts from your local municipal or county tax collector. Learn the process and understand the potential risks.

Tax Sales

Typically, a property owner has been given ample time to pay the delinquent taxes they owe. When they fail to payoff their delinquent tax obligation, the county or municipality will begin a process of sending out notifications by mail and local publications. After a sufficient amount of time has passed for all parties to respond to the notifications. The county will schedule a date for the tax deed sale. At the sale, investors will bid for the right to own the property which could go for as little as the taxes, penalties, and fees that the original owner owes.


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