There was a time when homesteading meant getting land for free from the federal government in exchange for building on it and making the land productive. Today, homesteading is synonymous with living off the land to some degree. No longer do you have to live in remote areas to homestead. Many people are going to the suburbs to grow gardens, raise animals and live the homesteading life.

Why Homestead?

There are many reasons why people are fascinated with and try homesteading, but one of the primary reasons is to improve their family economy. Homesteaders reduce their utility and grocery bills by growing and raising their own food supply, while using alternative forms of energy, such as solar and wind power. For example, serious homesteaders rarely need to buy meat, dairy or vegetables and various personal care products, because they can make their own right at home.

Part-Time Homesteading

There are some who cannot homestead full-time right away, because of the state of their personal finances. These individuals still pursue homesteading, but on a part-time basis. You can buy a share in a farm and work on it during your spare time. A manager is responsible for managing the farm to ensure that it runs smoothly, even when "share-holders" are not available or able to do the necessary work.

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