A Guide to Locating Cost-Effective Mini Storage

Mini storage can be a necessary expense when you need extra space for property. Instead of cluttering your closets and garage, a mini storage locker can be rented at a fairly low cost. It can also be necessary to rent these lockers when you are in the process of moving or taking extended vacation. Some mini storage options will significantly add to your monthly bills, though, so finding cost effective options is best.

Look in Rural Areas

You are not likely to find cheap options down the street from your current house. This is particularly true if you live in a city-center where space comes at a premium. Areas with high home values and high rents will also have the highest storage fees because the storage property owners will need to cover their own costs.

Instead of taking the most convenient option, look for storage areas outside of your city. You will find the cheapest facilities in very rural areas where land is cheap. If you find a location along a major highway, you may realize the location is as convenient as any other. For example, you could pass this location on your way in and out of town or to the airport. Finding the right combination of a rural destination that is not too out of the way is the key to getting a low-cost space without compromising too much convenience.

Find Flexible Contracts

You will often find a storage rental facility that requests a minimum lease term, such as three or six months. It can be hard to plan ahead for these types of garages or lockers. You may need one for a month and a half, or you may need one for a year and a half. If you are locked into a long lease agreement, you will find you lose money if you move your items out early. Instead, look for the most flexible contract that does not charge hefty fees for the flexibility. It is best to sign a short contract, such as 90 days, in the beginning that has an option of "month-to-month" upon the contract fulfillment. Starting out with a month-to-month agreement can be more costly.

Seek a "Roommate"

Storage facilities do not often offer a wide variety of sizes in their garages or lockers. In fact, you will likely need to select a large option even if you only need a small space. You can reduce the cost of this extra space by getting a roommate for your locker. As your friends and family if they have items they would like stored in your facility and then charge a small fee each month for them to do so. You can even split the space down the middle with a partner who needs a permanent solution like you do. Extra space in any mini storage unit is potential savings thrown out the door. You should be wary, however, of providing a key to the storage facility to any person you do not trust fully with access to the valuables you have housed in the locker.


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