A Checklist of Technical Inspections for your Apartment

You will not likely get the chance to perform inspections on your apartment prior to renting the place. However, you can make small notes as you tour the property. Additionally, if you have a professional inspection and find a problem later, you may be able to break your lease. Always check these items:

  • Water heater - The life expectancy of a water heater is only 8 to 15 years. Most apartments have out of date heaters. If there is a crack in the heater, it needs replaced immediately. 

  • Water damage - You should not be overly concerned with the state of a rental property as long as you and your belongings are safe; water damage can cause damage to your personal property. You can rent a small detector that scans walls for water damage before you walk through the apartment.

  • Basements and crawl spaces - They may be creepy, but you need to take a look. This is where rodents and bugs like to hide the most. A quick walk-through should be all that is needed to check for droppings.

  • Electrical and plumbing - Turn on lights and faucets as you move through the apartment. If any do not work, make sure to ask for repairs before you move in.


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