5 Things Home Owners can do to Cut Costs

There are a number of things home owners can do to cut costs. Some changes will require a whole new mindset, while others are simple adjustments that you can make right away. If you're looking for help to trim your budget, consider reducing your expenses in these 5 areas.

Homeowners Insurance

Do everything you can to reduce the cost of homeowners insurance. One way to get the best possible rate on your premiums is to combine your auto and home insurance policies. Insurance companies can and often do reward you with discounts when you purchase multiple insurance policies. Staying with one company for many years will also help you get lower rates. 

Alternative Energy

Your electric bill alone can amount to a significant percent of your household budget so you can  give alternative sources of energy a try, such as solar and wind power. With solar panels, a battery and an inverter to convert DC power to AC power, you'll have what you need to convert sunlight into electricity, and the means to use that electricity to power many small appliances. Instead of using your utility based electricity, you could plug your computer, microwave, lamps and other appliances into a battery pack that gets "juiced" up by sunlight or wind. You should also use a clothesline whenever possible to dry clothes outside, instead of using a dryer.

Home Insulation

In addition to electricity, home heating is another area that can be costly to many home owners. Simple measures can be taken to insulate the home and keep the heat from escaping, or keep cold air from coming in. A basic plastic window insulation kit can be purchased from any hardware store for very little money compared to what you'll save on your heating bill. If you're able to, it would be a good investment to install double pane windows.


One of the benefits of owning a home is ownership of the land the home is built on. In most cases, you should be able to plant at least a small garden to grow your own food. Even if you don't have enough land, you can grow vegetables and fruits in containers on your deck or balcony, or in your backyard. The more land you own, the more food you'll be able to grow. The savings can also help to reduce your grocery bill. Many universities offer free workshops or educational programs to train novices on how to plant and grow their own vegetable and fruit gardens. Check with your local colleges to see what's available.

Do-It-Yourself Projects

There are many home remodeling projects that you can learn to do yourself with research, time and basic materials. You can check websites for expert designs, tips and techniques on just about any home project. This will help you reduce the costs of hiring professionals. Even if you needed help, you could reduce your final bill by doing some of the work yourself.

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