5 Qualities You Find in the Best Realtor

Choosing the best Realtor for your home purchase or sale involves finding the real estate agent with the right qualifications for your needs. Your best Realtor will be affiliated with a good company, focused on your best interests, experienced in the type of home you’re interested in, able to meet your reasonable expectations and attentive to details.

Has the Right Affiliations

By definition, the trademarked term Realtor means the real estate agent you are considering is a member of the National Association of Realtors. But go beyond that. Your best Realtor should be a member of the local Realtor board and be with a real estate firm that has access to the local Multiple Listing Service. Further, the firm should be active in the markets in which you hope to buy or sell.

Focused on Your Interests

Depending on your state, some real estate agents are required to represent the seller’s interests first. That means even if you are working with a real estate agent who shows you a home listed by another agent, both agents have a primary relationship with the seller. 

Your best Realtor will disclose this information to you and help you understand how it affects your home search. As an example, it might mean there are certain things you should not disclose to your Realtor, as he or she would be obligated to share that information with the seller. Know the rules for your state. The best Realtor will focus on your wants and needs to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Experienced in Your Market

Residential real estate is a very local business. A distance of a few residential blocks can be very telling in the price of a home. An excellent Realtor will be knowledgeable about the specific neighborhood in which you hope to buy or sell a home.

Meets Your Expectations

As a person hoping to buy or sell a home, you can reasonably expect your Realtor to tailor his or her approach to your needs. A Realtor should be professional in appearance and demeanor. He or she is representing you. It is reasonable to expect promptly returned phone calls, clear communication and honest opinions.

While it might be pleasant if you and the agent like each other, that is not a prerequisite for a Realtor. Obviously, you don’t want to work with someone you don’t like, but you need not find someone who is a reflection of your personality. Often, the Realtor may have important skills you don’t, and you should not miss out on those because you are not completely or especially compatible personally. Ultimately, effectiveness is what you want in your Realtor.

Pays Attention to Details

A highly effective and helpful Realtor will understand the contract and sales process and pay close attention to the details throughout. It is your responsibility to know what you are signing. However, a good real estate agent will prepare you for all meetings, help you prepare necessary documentation and ensure that the process is completed correctly.

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