4 Reasons Your Listing Expired

There are a number of different factors that could play into an expired listing on your home. Here are a few reasons that your listing could have expired without selling the property.

1. Overpriced

One of the major factors in most real estate sales is the price. If you did not sell your property within the listing time period, there is a very good chance that your house is overpriced. You have to make sure that your house is priced according to similar houses in the market if you have any hopes of selling it. If it is overpriced, it is going to discourage people from even visiting your property. Some people think that they can always price their home higher and be willing to negotiate if someone comes along. The only problem is not that many people are going to come along if they see that your house is priced too high. Work with a good real estate agent in order to get a comparative market analysis done on your property. If you really want to sell, you will price the house at that value or even a little below the value of the comparative market analysis.

2. Realtor

Many times, the price may have been perfectly fine. However, you might have hired a Realtor that is not one of the best in the area. Because of this, they do not market the property as well as another Realtor could. Selling a house is not always about the house itself. Many times, the Realtor plays just as big of a role in the sale of the house as any other factor. You want someone that is going to put all their effort into marketing your home and getting the word out that you have a property that needs to be purchased. If you do not hire the proper real estate agent, they are going to negatively impact the sale of your house.

3. Curb Appeal

Even if the house is priced competitively and you have a good real estate agent behind you, it is going to be tough for you to overcome bad curb appeal. Many houses have problems with their exterior and it can significantly turn off potential buyers. For example, if you have paint on the exterior that is chipping and cracking, it could make the house look very bad. In addition, letting the yard grow weeds or bare patches can also negatively impact your ability to sell the house. Spend some time looking at the outside of the house as if you were a potential buyer and then address the problems that you see.

4. Overabundance 

In some cases, your house could be completely fine. However, you might run into a scenario where there is an overabundance of similar houses in your real estate market. If this is the case, there may not be enough buyers in the market to satisfy the available supply. General economic issues may not be conducive to selling your home at that time, try to time the market.

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