4 Reasons to Give a Lease Option

Offering a lease option on a property can be beneficial to you a number of different ways. Here are a few reasons that you might want to consider giving a lease option.

1. Finding Buyers

If you have a property that you are having trouble selling, you might want to consider offering a lease option. This will provide you with many more potential buyers to work with. Individuals that do not necessarily have money for a down payment or good credit might still be willing to purchase your house through a lease option agreement.

2. Income

Another reason that you might want to consider utilizing a lease option is that it can create immediate income. You will be able to get rent money from the tenant as soon as they start to move in. Many times, you will also get some type of a down payment to secure the option.

3. Repairs

Many times, the tenants of the property are going to handle their own repairs on the house. Since they know that they are going to be purchasing a house in the future, they want to take good care of it.

4. Extra Profits

Sometimes, people will decide not to purchase the house after the lease. If this happens, you will get extra profits from the option money and the rent that you have collected.

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