3 Unique House Plans that are Gaining Popularity

Unique hose plans are often designed to solve functional challenges instead of just appealing to style. These plans reflect the growing desire to design a home that fits the needs of users instead of just looking nice.

#1 Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans combine kitchens, dining areas and living rooms into one "great room" or large space without dividing walls. This is popular for families who like to entertain. It is also popular with young families so parents can keep their eyes on children at play while in multiple spaces in the house.

#2 Reverse Stories

Instead of putting spare bedrooms on a second floor, a popular design adds them to the basement. Reverse stories are cheaper to heat and cool. They allow designers to leave higher ceilings on the main level without requiring a lofty flight of stairs to get to spare bedrooms.

#3 Double Master

One master bedroom used to be the standard. Now, with more people having out of town guests, having a second master is very popular. The second master can also be used for adult children, who are required to live at home longer as home prices rise. The second master can also be called the "mother-in-law suite" for families who choose to move elderly members home instead of into care facilities.

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