3 Tips to Marketing a Home Selling Contest

If you want to deviate from traditional home selling practices, consider finding a buyer for your home through a contest. Marketing your home selling contest properly is vital, however, since the number of entry fees you receive determines whether or not you’ll meet your asking price.

Enlist the Aid of a Real Estate Agent

Just because you’re marketing via a contest doesn’t mean that a real estate agent doesn’t have anything to offer. A good real estate agent can give your contest plenty of exposure by listing your contest details on her website, in real estate publications and on any home marketing television programs she submits listings to.

Make Color Flyers

Your top priority is to inform as many people as possible about your contest. You can do this by taking good quality color photographs of your home and having those photographs made into flyers. Include information on the flyer such as your telephone number or email address, the contest details and the amount of the entry fee. Post flyers in the windows of grocery stores, banks and gas stations.

Buy Radio Air Time

Buying air time from your local radio station is a much more cost effective way of advertising your contest than through a television commercial. By creating your ad yourself rather than going through an advertising agency, you can cut costs and still get the word out about your contest to more people in your area.

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