3 Tips for Your Real Estate Agent Search

When you start your real estate agent search, there are a lot of different factors that you are going to have to consider. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you begin this search.

1. Look at Results

When you begin your search, you should take the time to compare the different Realtors in your area. You do not want to simply pick the first one that you find in the phone book. You want to look at information about different Realtors and talk to some of them. You want to find a real estate agent that has a track record of getting results. 

2. Trade Journals

In many areas, you will have access to a business or trade journal that provides information about real estate agents. This may allow you to see exactly how much real estate an individual has sold within the last year.

3. Ask the Right Questions

Before choosing an agent, you will want to have an interview with him. Asking him the right questions can help tremendously. For example, you may want to ask if he is a Realtor. As a Realtor, he has to abide by a strict code of conduct that is set forth by the National Association of Realtors. 

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